Ministere du commerce

Mot du Directeur

In my behalf, the executives and cavils servant of the regional direction of trade Saida, I welcome you on our web site.

It is a very great pleasure that we place at the disposal of the consumer, the economic operators , the personals of the commercial sector responsible and executives at the central level,  at the region and other regions , the other public organizations and administrations responsible and civil servants , the communication space of the web site, lanced on day of science Tuesday April 16 2013.

The workshop organized in Saida on March 31 till April 04 2013 f by two responsible representatives the trade ministry specialized in the field of computing to the profit of the persons in charge for the data-processing cells of the wilayas directions personals profit to concretization of a significant action at the regional level the creation the Web sites of the trade wilayas directions Saida, Tissemsilt, Tiaret, Chlef and Relizane.

The startup of the sites of the five (05) structures is planned for Tuesday April 16 2013 day of science and knowledge .

the new creation , this informational space would never have see the day without considering the whole one and significant assistance of the trade ministry responsible and personals (direction of human resources).They find has through these some words for expression all my thanks.

We are convinced this space of dialogue allows inter for the users:

- A better knowledge and understandof the regulation governing relating the sector commercial.

 - For have more knowledge and information’s relating to the sector commercial on the region.

 - To profit take some advices and orientations for consumer protection.

 - To reach the Web sites of each wilayas direction of trade (Saida, Tissemsilt, Tiaret, Chlef and Relizane).

  We count your contribution to announce your concern and your propositions to assure a best treatment of the objectives.

  we will not arrange any effort to actualize all information’s relating to the sector commercial of Saida region .

 Saida April 16, 2013

The regional director


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