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Directory of Associations of consumer protections


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Wilaya Tiaret


Président: HENNI Abdelkader

Adress:    Maison de la presse Tiaret

TEL:              046-41-19-06

FAX:             046-41-19-06

Wilaya Relizane

Président:   MEGHIT Abdelkader 

Adress:     30 Rue du Rٌelizane

TEL:                07-71-16-46-17

FAX:               046-92-38-02

Wilaya Chlef

Président: TAHRI Ahmed

Adress:    CCI rue de la résistance Chlef

TEL:              027-77-20-74

FAX:              027-77-20-74


How can one create an association?


(Including consumer protection association)?

According to article 4 of law 12-06 of January 12, 2012 relating to associations (cf OJ n12 of January 15, 2012), the physical people who can found, manage and direct an association must:

    -  Be 18 years old and more;

    -  have an Algerian nationality;

    -  Enjoy their civil laws and political;

    -  non to be condemned for crime and/or offence incompatible with the sphere of  association activity, and not having been rehabilitated, for the members leader.

According to article 6, association is constituted freely by founder members. The latter meet in general constitutive assembly noted by official report of bailiff.

The constitutive general assembly adopts the statute of association and designates the persons in charge for the executive authorities.

The constitution of an association (cf article 7 of the quoted law known) is subjected to a constitutive declaration and a delivery of a receipt of recording.

The constitutive declaration is deposited to :

      to the popular communal assembly for communal associations;

 - wilaya for wilaya association;

ministry in charge of the interior for national associations or inter wilayas.

The founder members are at least:

      ten (10) for communal associations;

 - fifteen (15) for wilaya associations, resulting from two (2) communes at least;

twenty one (21) for associations inter-wilayas resulting from three (3) wilayas at least;

 - twenty-five (25) for national associations, resulting from twelve (12) wilayas at least.

The constitution declaration is accompanied by a file including/understanding:

           a request for recording of the association signed by the president of association or his duly authorized officer;

      the list of names mentioning the marital status, the profession, the residence and the signature of the whole of the founder   members and the executive authorities;

      the extract n3 of the criminal record of each founder member;

      two (2) certified specimens of the statutethe official general assembly constutive report established by a bailiff;

    supporting documents of the firm address.


For any additional information, please contact or approach the office of promotion quality and relationships with the trade wilayas direction of associative movement.

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